Plan of Service (for Window Cleaning)

As mandated by Federal OSHA, Part 1910.66(e)(9), buildings are required to provide a detailed Emergency Action Plan for all types of working platform operations.  ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 (1.7) takes it a step further and requires a written Plan of Service for all window cleaning operations.  The document is to include a number of additional items including suspended equipment procedures, identification of drop zones and hazardous work areas, safety protocols, methods of public protection, etc.

This important document serves a number of purposes, but the primary goal is to improve workplace safety thereby reducing liability to the building owner.  Relying on the window cleaning contractor to provide and maintain its own safety protocols may not provide the protection that building owners desire.  In that vein, window cleaners that may improvise their own procedures “on the fly” expose owners to considerable risk.  Also, the reality of enforcement along with heavy fines levied on building owners as well as maintenance contractors for safety infractions is becoming more and more prevalent.

The Plan of Service not only provides safe procedures for the workers to follow; it also benefits the property by “leveling the playing field” for any competitive bids involving the use of these systems. Utilizing the Plan of Service, all potential bidders for any exterior building maintenance will propose work with methods prescribed by the Plan of Service and therefore eliminate any confusion between prices. These procedures can further benefit the building owner when attached by contract to any work involving these systems; and this practice may effectively reduce accident liability exposure.

The ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 standard mandates that a Plan of Service shall be developed by a window cleaning contractor or qualified person.  Development of the Plan of Service by a firm which is independent from any maintenance contractor or equipment manufacturer will assure that the building owner receives an unbiased document to last for the life of the system.

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