Due Diligence for Asset Acquisition

When acquiring a property, owners have an obligation to carry out due diligence on a wide variety of issues including window cleaning equipment.  The consequence of overlooking this issue has the potential to cause owners to incur significant and unexpected costs to repair or replace the existing window cleaning equipment, and when the issue is not identified early in the process, the potential exists for the sale to be delayed.

By providing a comprehensive review of the window cleaning equipment early in the process, investors can be made aware of any improvement costs early in the capital planning process.

Assessment Reports prepared by HighLine contain information gathered in a comprehensive survey of the site conditions as well as a detailed review of the current EBM / window cleaning procedures and record documents. Typical project scope may include assessment of:

  • Roof Tie-Back Anchors for Controlled Descent Apparatus (CDA a.k.a. Boatswain’s Chairs, Rope Descent Systems, RDS, Bosun’s Chairs)
  • Roof Tie-Backs and Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) Systems for Fall Protection
  • Counterweighted or Tied-Down Outrigger Beam Systems
  • Standard and Flush Mounted Davit Pedestals
  • Portable Roof Davit Arms
  • Powered and Manual Monorail Track and Trolley Systems
  • Gantries, Rigging Sleeves, Cornice Hooks, Parapet Clamps, and other misc. rigging
  • Intermittent Stabilization Anchors (ISA) and other Sway Stabilization Systems
  • Powered Platforms and Single Man Basket Systems
  • Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) and Roofcar Systems

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The report includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Project Overview
  • Description of Existing Equipment
  • Details of Site Conditions
  • Description of Window Cleaning Operations
  • Description of Unscheduled Maintenance Operations
  • Records of System Documentation
  • Summary of Deficiencies and Rooftop Fall Hazards
  • Cost Analysis
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • References